Red Laser Technology Helps DBEs Develop Online Marketing Skills Using a Creative Web Presence

Anyone can have a website but it’s what they do with it that really matters. Online marketing is a great tool for many small businesses. However, without the proper knowledge of how to market a small business the website is only a prop rather than a tool. Systems has employed the knowledge of Red Laser, owned and operated by Adrian Jones to assist DBEs in expanding their business promotion on the web. These businesses include Anderson Environmental (Jackson), Sterling Waters Interiors (Madison) GFH (Long Beach), B&F Distributors, LLC (Hattiesburg), and JL Interiors Construction (Jackson). Having a website is not only about promoting services but also giving potential clients a glimpse of who is behind the business, its values, and work ethic. This is why Red Laser works with DBEs to tell their story through the layout. In addition, they help DBEs increase web presence by pushing them to think about specific goals and how they will go about measuring these goals in regards to success. Red Laser also helps DBEs to enhance their website through multimedia resources such as professional
photography, commercials, news releases and responsive or mobile design. In addition, Red Laser constructs the webpage in a manner that it can maximize traffic flow and increase their chances of being on the top of search engines’ lists such as Yahoo, Google, Bing and Twitter. Although, the webpages are created by Red Laser with the assistance of the DBE firms, it is important for DBEs to know how to maintain the website themselves. This is why Red Laser provides training and
ongoing support allowing end users to become comfortable uploading data to the sites themselves.Overall, business promotion is vital for small businesses and having a website is an extra marketing tool. As a web designer, Mr. Jones sees first-hand how technology has expanded not only businesses but the world around us. “We see this everywhere whether it is social media or mobile, it touches all aspects of our digital eco system. Examples of this are email and GPS, when was the last time you stopped at a gas station to ask for directions? Immediate access to information is the new normal. Technology is increasing the speed of life, efficiency and accountability,” said Adrian Jones.


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