About Us

RLT is an advanced technology development and consulting firm with a unique focus and ability to leverage our algorithm based technology, SOA based Cloud Computing methodology, wireless communications architectures, collective personal experiences, and technology company portfolio of relationships to lead client support to their most difficult challenges. Our systems approach is designed to respond to “out of the box” challenges, providing them with effective best practices, repeatable, sustainable, survivable, and secure (RS-3) solutions. Our Business Analytics and Intelligence (BAI) Solutions marries our Senior Subject Matter Experts (SME) experience in technology development and large scale deployments, anagement, “policy to application” (P2A) workflow and rule based adjudication, financial and engineering competencies with the company’s portfolio of advanced software, hardware applications, CMMI documentation, and performance based metrics to provide clients with strategic and focused results. Our goals are simple: Assist the client in achieving strategic, quality, customized or COTS, cost-effective results through extremely difficult problems.