Data Warehouse Applications and Services

Many factors have contributed to the quick evolution of the data warehousing discipline:
Plummeting hardware costs
Increased desktop processing power
Increased server processing power
Proliferation of Web based applications and Intranets

Changes in the way large organizations fundamentally do business has also had an effect on the evolution of data warehousing, such as:
Economic downturns
Phenomena such as Business Process Reengineering and downsizing which forced many businesses to re-evaluate their business practices
The globalization of the corporate environment where a company has to build, sell, its products and services and compete “virtually” everywhere on the planet
The emergence of Standard Business Applications like SAP AG, Oracle, etc.
RedLaser positioned and experienced to assist its clients in solving many of the problems they are now facing vis a vis data warehousing. Namely; data warehouses deriving large volumes of data from fewer and fewer application options rather than customized data extraction from older legacy systems as was done in the past.

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RedLaser has provided support to many organizations which struggle with adhering to multiple security compliance requirements driven by regulations, industry mandates, customers and partners. Security compliance is as much about the management of disparate sources of compliance as it is about software and hardwareapplications and apparatus. To manage system security properly, organizations must have a thorough familiarity with their operational environment and should identify and build a framework of ontrols to ensure thecompliance is met.

RedLaser offers consultant services which are designed to identify an organization’s compliance requirements,map them to government and industry standards such as MAC I, II, and III; DISCAP, DICAP, as well as ISO 27001/17799 and COBIT. As government and commercial systems operations and requirements converge, RedLaser is qualified to develop cross-linking relationships between policy, programmatics, and procedures which are necessary to build the compliant and secure systems.

These consultant services include but are not limited to the following activities:
Identifying and clarifying compliance requirements
Defining framework categories
Mapping requirements to standards
Creating a controls baseline inclusive of all requirements
Defining a controls management solution

RedLaser leverages our industry partners to ensure the proper application of industry-leading database of mapped controls derived from standards such as ISO 27001/17799, NIST, COBIT and PCI. These standards are employed to ensure that the resulting framework is aligned with both industry and government best practice.